Frequently Asked Questions

-On what concrete surfaces can Concrete Décor, LLC perform its services?
Interior and exterior Concrete! Interior stained concrete floors is one of the most popular choices of buildings today. Exterior stained concrete floors will also add a lot to the setting around your place. Concrete Décor performs in residential & commercial jobs. See our facebook for the latest photos!

-What all does Concrete Decor offer?
We specialize in stained concrete floors of interior new construction but perform in many settings. Patios & New/Old Driveways. Concrete Coatings in commercial. (Note: On new construction its best for us to get in right before insulation, messy sheet rock mud stage, and paint spill/spray! So we can get our super durable white, protective temporary floor guard paper on floor first!)

-How much does it cost?
Like most all flooring, it’s priced by the square footage. For new construction concrete staining (includes: commercial floor sanding, prepping, plastic protect tubs & doors, staining of concrete, put down our floorguard paper to protect floor during the messy stages sheet rock mud/paint, & commercial clear) most stained concrete floors cost $2.00 sqft & less on new construction, all materials included! Price is one of the reasons its one of the most popular choices of new construction homes and commercial flooring. Most do the entire house in new construction cause of the maintenance, beauty, & to save on budget. New construction stained & sealed concrete floors is our most popular service. Price breaks on big driveways.


-What is the difference in real acid stain and other so called acid stain?
Concrete Décor uses 100% real acid stain. Lots of people are getting confused these days and think that the concrete stain at local hardware stores is the real thing. Those stains are more like paint. Real acid stain works similar to wood stain, just bringing out the beauty that’s in the concrete already. Not covering it up with one solid color, like paint.


-What is scored concrete?
Scoring concrete just means cutting it. Its usually around .75 cents more a sqft in scored areas. The most popular scoring pattern is the diamond pattern through out the area. Standard is 30 inch diamonds not to small/busy & not to large. Resembling tile grout, Concrete Décor uses a professional .25 inch wide cut unlike the home made tiny score lines. Scoring a constant thin 1/8 inch deep cut for non trash build up in lines. Sealer usually fills the line, leaving just the look. Stained Concrete looks good with or without scoring, some people on a budget but like the scoring will do just the main area.


-How to maintain interior stained concrete?
Interior stained flooring is relatively easy. Make sure to have nail in felt pads on the bottom of all sliding chairs (as with any nice sealed wood or stained concrete floor) . Stick on pads come off easier. Dust mopping occasionally along with damp mopping with a regular cotton mop and a neutral ph floor cleaner. Yearly mop on polish in walk areas to protect your floors base sealer & keep the floor looking/shinning like new. Zep brand Neutral floor cleaner & floor polish (use washed out blue/white rayon mop) all can be bought at Home Depot. A detailed maintenance sheet can be found on our facebook


How to maintain exterior stained concrete: The exterior sealant Concrete Décor is maintenance free and will last a number of years. When water does not bead up on sealer anymore or sealant is faded it is time to apply another coat of exterior sealant. Rarely if you notice a powdery white appearance in small areas; especially after a rain the sealer is doing its job. This is dirt/dust that dries out on top of the sealer. Rinsing with water & blowing off excess water will help.